Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Transit of Sun

Transit of Planets means moving planets from one sign to another. In that particular sign, from one star to another. 

We should see the Results of Transit of Planets From both Ascendant and Moon.

The Sun travels one degree per day in Sign. It takes approximately 13 days to transit one star. This means Sun Travels 30 days in Sign.

1. Transit of Sun in 12 Houses and Results

  • 1st House : Separation from family, Financial loss, Health problems. If Jupiter is placed in 1st house or have significance with sun, the Sun Transit gives very auspicious results.  
  • 2nd House : Expenditures than earning money, Loss of wealth, mental Tension and family related problems. If Karaka Planet of 2nd House Jupiter is strong in birth chart or significance with Sun, native enjoy the best results. 
  • 3rd House : If Sun Transit in 3rd house from Ascendant or Moon Sign, the native enjoy best results in everything like financial gain, good health, spend more time with family. If Saturn & Rahu are placed in 3rd house, indicates inauspicious results. Means, Sun Transit gives bad results.
  • 4th House : family disputes, property issues, marital life issues and mental tension. If natural Karaka Planet of 4trh House Moon is strong in birth chart or significance with 4th house or 4th lord, native definitely favorable the said results.
  • 5th House : failure in exams, getting late government related things, unnecessary expenditure, problems with enemies. In birth chart - if Jupiter is not afflicted and have strong significance with 5th house / lord, indicates auspicious results. 
  • 6th House : Government benefits, promotion, getting help from friends and relatives, Fulfilling the desires of the mind. Mars & Saturn is Karaka Planet of 6th House. If these planets are not enough strong and have no significance with 6th house / lord, the native will experience adverse results. 
  • 7th House : Problems with life partner, loss in business and problems with business partner, As per Zodiac sign 7th house indicates Kidneys, so should be careful about Kidney related issues. If Mercury and Venus are strong and have significance with 7th house / lord as per Ascendant and Zodiac Sign, native will enjoy the said results. Because these two planets are Karaka of 7th house.
  • 8th House : Getting addicted bad things, quarrels with parents / friends, not getting money from banks / friends / relatives, unnecessary fears. From Ascendant and Moon Sign - if 8th house / lord have strong significance with Saturn definitely gives favorable results in said results.
  • 9th House : If Sun Transit in 9th house, the native will get all kinds of best results. If Sun and Saturn are strong and have significance with 9th house / lord, the results are even better.
  • 10th house : Promotion in service, getting all kinds of again, getting honor and reputation. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are major planets for 10th house to give best results. If these 4 planets have significance with each other and 10th house, can say the results will be even better.
  • 11th house : Getting good results in religious matters, getting cooperation with friends, good profits in father's property, treatment will be succeed. Mercury and Jupiter are Karaka Planets of 11th house. So if these planets have strong significance with 11th house / lord, can say these results are even better.
  • 12th House : Termination from service, problems in property, court case, getting dishonoured, health and mental problems, unnecessary expenses. If Sun and Saturn are enough strong and have significance with 12 house / lord, may be the results are favorable. 

Saturday, March 6, 2021

50 Marriage Astrology Golden Rules

Venus is the Karaka Planet for Marriage. 

Venus mainly indicates beauty, love, lust, luxury, comforts, pleasures and marriage life. So First we need to see if Venus is strong or not. 

  1. If Venus has strong significations with marriage houses of 2,7,1, consider Venus is strong. Additionally if significations with houses of 5, 9 that gives early marriage and happy married life. 
  2. If Venus has significance with houses of 1,6,10 - indicates late marriage. Because these houses will be 12th to 2,7,11 houses.
  3. If Venus has significance with Saturn, consider Venus is weak only for marriage. 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Pisces Ascendant - Benefic & Malefic Planets

 Group 1

  1. Lord of Pisces and 10th Lord - Jupiter
  2. 2nd & 9th lords - Mars
  3. 5th lord - Moon
  4. 6th lord - Sun
  5. 2nd lord Mars becomes Maraka Planet

Jupiter, Mars and Moon are Trikona Lords - So if these 3 planets are placed in their own respective houses of 1,5,9 or have mutual significations with each other or placed in each others stars, can definitely say Laksmi Yoga and Raja Yoga. 

Aquarius Ascendant - Benefic & Malefic Planets

 Group 1

  1. Lord of Aquarius and 12th lord - Saturn
  2. 4th & 9th lords - Venus
  3. 5th & 8th lords - Mercury
  4. 2nd lord Saturn is Maraka Planet
  5. 9th lord Venus become Badhaka Lord for Aquarius Ascendant.

Trikona lords are in Group 1 Planets. So we can consider these are benefic planets. Only when these planets exchange their own houses, native will get positive results. Native will enjoy auspicious results and unexpected gains in during the joint period of Group 1 Planets. Native will differently purchased lands, buildings with this money.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Capricorn Ascendant - Benefic & Malefic Planets

  Group 1

  1. Lord of Capricorn and 2nd lord - Saturn
  2. 5th & 10th lords - Venus
  3. 6th & 9th lords - Mercury
  4. 2nd lord Saturn is Maraka Planet
Saturn, Mercury and Venus - These are Trikona Lords. So these planet become benefic planets. If these planets are placed in Group 1 houses, native will enjoy comfortable and luxury life till his last breath. As well these significations will give good wealth. 

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